Rio de Janeiro.
September, 2008.
Three men stalk the gloomy back - alleys of the city's notorious slums.

Spiderman, a 28-year-old drug lord, embarks on a routine patrol through the shadowy streets of Coréia, the sprawling favela he controls.  

Inspector Leonardo Torres, a muscle-bound cop from Rio's drug squad, inches through the alleys of another shantytown, shots ringing out around him.

And Pastor Dione, an evangelical preacher intent on ending the city’s drug conflict, trawls the slums for lost souls while trying to broker peace among all parties.  

With unprecedented access to some of Rio's most wanted men, together with the specialist police units that hunt down and kill them, this gripping film offers an intimate look at one of the bloodiest urban conflicts on earth.

...The extraordinary access is what sells it for me.  The intimacy and candour with which the characters talk really make the film. This is a shocking portrait of a closed world and its moral ambiguities.  But it’s surprisingly moving too - after all, it's not often that you're given the opportunity to empathise with people like this.

Simon Chinn - Producer: Man on Wire